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About Us

About Us

At Fadcloset, we make it easy and affordable for you to have your dream jacket. You deserve to feel as good as you look. Fadcloset Canada distribution center is located in Toronto, Ontario. 

We are based out of Orange County, CA ( just 20 min south of Los Angeles, California USA. Additionally, we have distribution in Melbourne, Australia for Fadcloset Australia ( 

As far as our leather jackets, no other clothing item makes you look and feel bad-ass like a great jacket. Our leather craftsmanship strives to manufacture the perfect jacket started back in 1971. We make the jacket to be the ultimate layer of your fashion statement, telling the world that you’re a boss and ready to run your show.

And you don’t need a high-priced luxury brand to make you feel bad about shopping smart. In fact, that’s all a luxury brand has to get people to buy their jackets over ours. Why else would you want to spend 3-5 times the price on your dream jacket, when you can get equal quality and style for less.

Fashion today needs a team who only makes jackets and we’re experts at it. That’s our little secret to how we can provide high-end quality jackets at such affordable prices by knowing the ins and outs of the industry and processes.

Our team works around the clock to develop processes that are sustainable, and gets you into the jacket that your friends and coworkers will envy. We’re devoted to delivering the most supple, lasting, and affordable jackets to anyone in the world.

Made to Order

Our made to order model for most outerwear provides you with the newest and longest lasting possible outerwear, as we do not believe in providing shelved products. The efficiencies with our model allows us to extend affordable and competitive pricing with more styles for you to choose from without any compromise to quality.